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Delivery in Ukraine

Delivery in Ukraine can be possible via Ukrposhta or Nova Poshta after payment will be confirmed. Delivery time: 2–7 days.

Worlwide Delivery

Worlwide shipping cost is calculated based on the weight of your package. Delivery time is about 10–27 days.

During the short time of existence, our brand managed to assert itself, winning the sympathy of consumers. Rune Clothing started during the Revolution of dignity, creating its own ideology around the same idea: the desire of better, continuous development, and working on an honest attitude to the people, as expressed through the creation of high-quality and functional clothing.

We started with the production of low-cost brand of casual clothing, earned strong enough reputation. Later it became clear that consumers want better quality. More and more people in Ukraine moves from the traditional model of «worse, but cheaper». The level of self-respect among the people is growing, and they are ready to evaluate the really good products, and forget about the low-quality products on the market.

Our products is for such people who have a sense of self-esteem and the ability to distinguish and identify the best among the mediocre.